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Image of Tony Firmstone Sans Souci real estate has come such a long way when having regards to its origins as a small fishing village and picnic destination. Sans Souci taken from the French language literally means "without care" and streets such as Napoleon and Fontainebleau reflect the era of this developing suburb.

Ramsgate real estate as an investment is considered to be very safe because of its location on the peninsula and being adjacent to the foreshores of Botany Bay. Just down the road from Kogarah train station & Town Centre, Ramsgate is within easy reach of all amenities.

The Monterey, Ramsgate, Sans Souci (Dolls Point & Sandringham incl) peninsula bounded by Botany Bay, Georges River and Kogarah Bay has long been a haven, popular with fishing/boating enthusiasts and beach goers.

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